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Unfortunately accidents happen, and motorcycles aren’t the safest way of transportation when it comes to safety. Motorcycles have 35 times greater chance of a fatal crash than cars. Almost every year, the fatality rate since 1995 has climbed and increased to high numbers. But the renowned law firm who’s favorited in the Mid-West, Riley Williams & Piatt, LLC, can help you when the odds are against you. Riley, Williams & Piatt will not only help guide you through your desperate time in need, but also deal with all the other stresses that you shouldn’t have to deal with alone.

If you have been in an accident, you already have your mind full of worries, pain, and anguish. The toughest situations call for the toughest motorcycle accident lawyers in Indianapolis. Don’t wait to dial because the longer you wait, the less of a case you may have. But Riley, Williams & Piatt not only do everything to make you win, but also recover the personal injury claim that you deserve.
In Indiana and Indianapolis, motorcycles are seeing a resurgence in popularity. Motorcycle accidents can be particularly tricky as the resulting injuries are generally far more severe than those experienced in other auto accidents. Contacting a motorcycle accident lawyer can help tremendously in recovering damages or compensation for your situation. If you or a loved one drives a motorcycle, it is important to know what steps need be taken after a crash to ensure the best possible outcome for you and your family. Immediately following the accident you should try to document the scene and write down any details about involved parties, vehicles, buildings/structures, etc. This information will likely prove valuable if your case is escalated to the courts. Of course, if you have any injuries, you likely won’t be coherent enough to take detailed notes. That’s why your first priority should be to receive medical attention for your injuries. Even if your injuries seem minor, this step can go a long way to protect your interests if a court trial becomes necessary. Additionally, you must follow all of your physician’s advice about how to treat and care for your injury, including any medications, procedures, or follow-up visits.

Assuming you aren’t completely incapacitated after your motorcycle accident, you’d next want to contact authorities. Police reports, when available, are usually taken as one of the more reliable pieces of evidence. A police report (or lack thereof) can also be seen as an indication of the severity of the accident – if no police were called to the scene, was it really all that bad? One must also take into consideration the statute of limitations for motorcycle accidents in Indianapolis specifically. The state of Indiana allows parties two years to file any claims related to the crash, which starts counting down on the day of the incident. This includes claims for injuries, damages to property, and even extends to wrongful death lawsuits related to the motorcycle accident.