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Will Riley presents oral argument before the Indiana Supreme Court

Riley William & Piatt’s Managing Principal Member Will Riley presented oral argument before the Indiana Supreme Court on May 2, 2017. During his argument, Mr. Riley asked the Court to reverse the trial judge’s dismissal of a class action filed on behalf of Indiana property owners against Duke Energy. The trial court’s dismissal was based its determination that the statute of limitations barred the property owners’ inverse condemnation complaint.

Mr. Riley had previously made this argument to a panel of the Indiana Court of Appeals and was successful, resulting in the majority’s reversal of the trial court’s order dismissing the complaint. The Indiana Supreme Court subsequently granted transfer, vacating the Court of Appeals opinion.

View a video of the oral argument here: https://mycourts.in.gov/arguments/default.aspx?&id=2073&view=detail&yr=&when=&page=1&court=sup&search=&direction=%20ASC&future=False&sort=&judge=&county=&admin=False&pageSize=20